Sleep Has Never Looked This Adorable!

Happy Thursday, Friends!

Today, Taylor and I are taking part in this week’s Thoughtless Thursday Blog Hop, hosted by our Bay Area buddy, Ruckus the Eskie, as well as our new blogging friends, Love is Being Owned by a Husky.

Thoughtless Thursday

Every Thursday going forward, we hope to share with you some adorable goodies that I stumble upon during my social media travels as well as during my work as the Scottish Terrier Pack Newsletter curator for Pack.

So, the theme for this week is sleep, and the one thing that is essential for a good night’s sleep is a plushy and comfortable pillow.  I came across this beautiful line of dog-themed home goods called Ginger Eyed by designer Maria Nicodemus, and I instantly fell in love with their gorgeous pillows that feature amazing canine illustrations as well as heartfelt sayings that signify why we all became dog parents in the first place!  Below is one of Ginger Eyed‘s masterpieces that I know Misaki, Koda, Lexus, and Mika would love!

Ginger Eyed

And, speaking of sleep…

Below is a super cute video of a spunky little French Bulldog who decides to give his mommy the most adorable “I don’t want to go to bed!” protest I have ever seen!  However, in the end, Mom is always right!  When she says that it’s time to go to bed, it’s because she knows that you are tired…and that you need to go to bed;-)

Of course, this precious boy made me think of my blogging buddies, Lily and Edward (as well as the unforgettable Benny) !

Taylor and I hope you have a wonderful Thursday!  And rest up, because tomorrow is FRIDAY!



Training a Teenage Scottie Mix: The Journey Begins


B & W troublemaker Training has reconvened in the Stoddard household!  Our beloved Taylor, since turning three, has exhibited out-of-the-blue aggressive behavior towards other dogs.

..and initially, yours truly thought it would be best to respond to this fact by freaking out!


My Taylor? 

This is not like her!  She loves everybody!

Well, now that Taylor has reached her teen years, she is apparently developing an attitude towards a particular population of dogs: females who are around the age of 3.  She is a complete angel around males as well as seniors of both sexes.  Go figure!

So many questions have been running through my mind:

Why is she doing this? 

Does she feel threatened by other females her age? 

Is this like the canine version of Mean Girls?

So, after my freaking out phase ended, I visited my local bookstore and purchased two books that will hopefully help me shed some light into this random behavior detour.


Currently, I am reading Training for Both Ends of the Leash by Kate Perry and Yvonne Conza, and I will later read It’s Me or The Dog: How to Have the Perfect Pet by Victoria Stilwell.  I am already learning quite a bit, and I will fill you in on the techniques that Jeremy and I are now incorporating into Taylor’s training in the days to come.

Just like our human teenagers, I am now understanding that Taylor is also going through some…um…changes.  Both Taylor and her humans just need to learn how to work though those changes in a socially appropriate way!  ;-)

So, until tomorrow, Friends!  I hope you have a great night!

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Getting Excited for Easter (Again!) with Holiday Doggy Attire Recommendations!

Easter, 2013

Taylor looking prim and proper in front of her Easter gift from her grandma and grandpa last year. FYI: she received more money-filled eggs than I did!

Childhood was a time when holidays did not come fast enough!  Next to Christmas, Easter was the holiday I looked forward to every year as a kid.  Every Easter morning, my sisters and I woke up to amazing Easter baskets from my parents, filled to the brim with edible goodies, toys, coloring books, stickers, and everything else a kid from the late ’80s/early ’90s would have loved!

There might have been issues of Bop and Teen Beat Magazine in our Easter baskets…just sayin’…  ;-)

It was a time for family, fancy dresses, outrageously fun Easter egg hunts, and candy…lots and lots of candy!

…and then adulthood happened!


As a grown-up, Easter slowly but surely became just another day.  Sure, I still reveled in the chance to see friends and family, but Easter was no longer a day I counted down towards!  Because of school, bills, rent, and many other adult tasks, the holiday was put on the back burner, and it stayed there for many years.  The novelty was gone!

…and then, at the age of 32, that all changed when I became a dog parent for the first time!


As a dog mom, I have surprisingly developed a renewed enthusiasm for holidays, including Easter!  Being a dog mom has taught me that it is ok to put aside my adult responsibilities and celebrate life…to become giddy for pretty Easter dresses, to play silly games with family, and to eat Easter-themed desserts without worrying about its caloric intake!  Taylor has shown me that it is ok to act like a kid sometimes!  It is the perfect stress-reliever!

I should start calling her Dr. Taylor from now on!  ;-)

So, in the spirit of Easter and restored innocence, I would like to share with you some ideas that I stumbled upon while wearing my curator hat for Pack’s Scottish Terrier Newsletter.  This week, I shared in the newsletter some adorable Easter finds that would be perfect for Scottie parents.  However, Easter fun is definitely not just for Scotties!

I know that many of you will be giving your fur babies their own Easter baskets this year…don’t be afraid to admit it, because Jeremy and I surely will!  I know that finding amazing toys and treats will not be a problem for you, my savvy fellow dog parents!  But what about your dog’s Easter attire?  Can you imagine how fabulous your Easter, 2014 photos will be with your little one perfectly dressed in his or her Easter finest?

Below you will find the best in Easter doggy attire from outstanding canine-related small businesses.  You will see ideas for both boys and girls, as well as small, medium, and large breeds:

Best Easter Outfit for Girls (small & medium breeds): Easter Chicks Couture Dress from All About Elegance

Easter DressI love this delightful dress because of its impeccable craftsmanship!  I also love that a ring is included at the bottom of its pink polka-dot bow, so it can also be used as a harness!

Best Easter Outfit for Boys (small & medium breeds): The Easter Egg Dog Shirt from Everything Merrillee

Easter Shirt Give your handsome boy the Tommy Bahama look with this festive Easter-themed shirt!  Included in this link is a measuring chart that will make it easy for you to determine the right size for your little one!

Best Easter-Themed Dog Collars: Star Premier Designs

Easter collarsIf you would like to keep your dog’s Easter look more understated, please check out these amazing little works of art!  As you can see, this Easter collection is quickly gaining popularity, so go grab yourself a wonderful Easter collar from Star Premier Designs while you still can!

Taylor and I have found that most of our large breed buddies prefer to wear something extra special around their necks for holidays as opposed to an entire outfit.  So, with that in mind, here are my recommendations:

Best Easter-Themed Bow Tie for Boys: The Easter Eggs and Doggies Print Bow Tie from Preppy Pup Couture

Easter Bow Tie This precious bow tie can be easily attached to any collar, or customers can also purchase a preppy shirt collar for added fanciness!

Best Easter Flower for Girls: The Zentangle Gypsy Cotton Dog Collar and Removable Flower from Chickadee Way

Easter flower I love how this cheerful print is perfect for Easter, yet it can also be worn year-round.  It is also great to see what was not used in the creation of this dazzling dog accessory.  I’m talking about possible choking hazards like buttons and beads.  I want all of my fellow dog parents to have a worry-free Easter, after all!

Remember when we were kids, when it seemed to take forever and a day for Easter to arrive?  Well, time has become lightning fast as adults…so we all know that Easter will be here before we know it!  Taylor and I hope that the ideas you see above will get you on the right Easter footing!  I’m looking forward to seeing Taylor and her buddies in their Easter best on April 20th!

So, what is your favorite Easter attire from the choices above? 

Have you also developed a renewed enthusiasm for holidays since becoming a dog parent? 

I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! 






Taylor and Acupuncture: A Surprisingly Great Combination!

Acupuncture has been an amazing asset for Taylor!  In an attempt to relieve the pain from her luxating patellas and to (hopefully) prevent an arthritis diagnosis in the future, she has been receiving a 20-minute acupuncture session once a month for the past four months.  With the help of my trusty iPhone and a bag of Dr. Becker Bites as a reward/distraction, I was able to snap two photos of Taylor as she let the acupuncture needles do their work during her last appointment almost two weeks ago.

As you can see, most of the acupuncture needles are located around Taylor's back legs.

As you can see, most of the acupuncture needles are located around Taylor’s back legs.

Taylor was happy...and sometimes fidgety...during her acupuncture appointment last week.  :-)

Taylor was happy…and sometimes fidgety…during her last acupuncture appointment. :-)

Acupuncture helps to release the body’s own pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory capabilities.  As a result, it corrects the body’s energy imbalances that could result from overcompensation due to a painful part of the body.  For a more detailed account of the benefits of acupuncture, please check out Dr. Patrick Mahaney’s informative article for PetMD by clicking here.

I have to admit that this monthly procedure is not cheap.  Jeremy and I pay $95 per session.  However, it comes up to roughly $3.17 per day, which is about how much I would pay for my daily mocha at my local coffee shop.  Sometimes, I would spend more!  So, when we looked at the price of acupuncture from this angle, it did not seem so outrageous!  Now, Taylor gets the relief she needs…and I no longer visit my local coffee shop!  A great trade-off, I must say!  :-)

If you have used acupuncture in the past for your little one, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!



The Scottie Bodyguard and Her Sidekick

Saturday, 3/22/14

Yesterday, I spent my Saturday afternoon catching up on computer work, while Taylor took on the role of bodyguard…or nosy neighbor…or both!

Bubba the Bulldog just looked bored!  ;-)

Taylor and I hope you have an amazing Sunday!

B & W Sunday

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Two Scottie Dog Videos, MTV Style!

For those who think that Scottish Terriers and classic rock n’ roll are the perfect combination, I have a treat for you, courtesy of Scottie dad, Jorge Alvarez.  I stumbled upon the following two videos during my most recent visit to Vimeo, and I immediately fell in love with Alvarez’s successful attempts at making the Scottish Terrier breed appealing to the masses!  Both videos conjure up memories of my MTV viewing days back in the ’90s, when music videos were gritty, storytelling segments that made music even more relevant…just substitute the likes of Nirvana and Pearl Jam with an adorable Scottie named Macbeth!

They are unlike any dog videos that I have seen in the past!  I hope you enjoy them!


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